Your Tailor Made Freight Forwarder

by | 8 Mar 2021 | Services & Experience

Besides the standard traditional services of most Freight Forwarding Companies, we provide a range of other, more tailor-made services. Most of these services are developed in conjunction with our clients to meet their specific needs.

F.A.T.S. originated from an idea to provide an expert solution to clients wishing to conduct business in Africa.  Although originally providing transport services into Africa, F.A.T.S. soon found that a total logistics solution unique to Africa was needed by importers and exporters alike. Hence the formation of the different departments within F.A.T.S., to provide the required services. 

F.A.T.S has an edge over many of our competitors due to the fact that we have mastered the art of trading in Africa which is a difficult and volatile beast. Today F.A.T.S. can offer a logistics solution to a host of countries around the world. 

The F.A.T.S team is always willing to stand up and show the whole world the most authentic version of ourselves. It is for this very reason that we are working for ourselves. However, we are still greatly influenced by the views of other people and by our desire to fit in with societal norms.

Apart from the general Freight Forwarding Services we can offer we strive ourselves off our tailor-made services that we can offer: 

  • We will assist you through the whole process whether it is importing or exporting if it is your first time or tenth time.
  • Our ability to arrange collection of the goods from its origin or the shipper. We provide you with daily communications or based on how frequently you’d like to be updated. 
  • We can coordinate FOB at origin port (Ensuring your cargo is loaded/Delivered to the port)
  • Processing and assisting with the Import and Export documentation process. How and what information is required for your bills of lading. 
  • We have representatives in majority of ports/airports around the world which helps to streamline the coordination of your shipment. 
  • Unpack your cargo here in Durban and transport your cargo overborder to Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC, Zambia as breakbulk to (provide more economical transport costs and avoid overborder container deposits)
  • Own deferment account for import duties and vat (facilitate vat and duties payments)
  • Trucking / collection from all ports and delivery to your customer / site – (access to large network of transporters)
  • Offer insurance / liability cover (CIF and CIP shipments)
  • Loading / discharge report of cargo loaded / discharge (port representation)