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Road Freight with FATS

If you were unable to receive your goods or products what would happen to your business?

The trucking industry is a vital part of the economy we collect and deliver your goods, so you are able to trade and supply to your customer. All industries rely on road freight in one way or another.

Where you are right now, look around yourself, what do you see?

Everything you see has probably seen the inside of a truck, either as a raw material, or as the final product/s. We are able to carry out our daily activities because of the services of trucks and drivers, as they help us get what we need.

The road freight industry handles more cargo than ships, planes or even trains. Without trucks and truck drivers’ goods can never move from ports to their destinations.

The trucking industry makes its first economic contribution through the delivery of raw materials to various manufacturers all over the world. For instance, trucks haul raw materials from mines, farms and quarries to factories that require the raw materials to produce the finished goods. The finished commodities are then moved by trucks from wholesalers to retailers and other transportation destinations such as airplanes, ships to other regions all over the country or the world.

Trucking is Crucial to the Economy of the Nation. So, next time you see a trucker, stop by and say ‘hello’ and show your appreciation. A happy trucker is what everyone needs!

Road Freight

Cross-border freight for containers, LCL and break bulk cargo

Road Freight

Cross-border road freight for containers

Road Freight

Own road bond facilities

Road Freight

Full truck loads

Road Freight

Part loads

Road Freight

Project cargo

Road Freight

Car carrier service