New system speeds up car carrier loading by 40%

by | 21 Sep 2021 | International News

Loading of vehicles on car carriers just got a whole lot more efficient for Mitsui OSK Lines following the launch of an advanced car carrier cargo loading plan generation system using mathematical optimisation, a technology it has been working on with its group company, MOL Information Systems, since 2019.

“MOL operates the world’s largest car carrier fleets, with about 100 vessels,” says a spokesperson. “Car carriers today require much more complicated cargo loading plans than in the past, reflecting changing transport needs, evolving logistics patterns, and more diversity in both production centres and markets for automobiles. As a result, generation of loading plans has become much more time-consuming.”

An algorithm has been developed that derives the optimal “car carrier allocation plan” from an enormous number of combinations in a short time – a system that swiftly generates a cargo loading plan, maximising efficiency and cargo safety.

According to MOL, adoption of the new system reduces the time required to generate the loading plan by about 40% and eliminates dependency on individual skills.