Needing a Door-To-Door Service? Let FATS Help You.

by | 29 Mar 2021 | Services & Experience

When considering to place your next order with your international supplier, ensure you consider FATS to assist with a Door-To-Door service. Whether it be by SEA / AIR / ROAD and no matter how big or small.

Purchasing your stock & utilising FATS’s Door-To-Door service will provide you with the below listed peace of mind benefits:

  • Control of your cargo from the moment it gets loaded on the truck & leaves your supplies premises
    • The international leg of the supply chain being undertaken by one of our vetted & approved partners based in countries
    • The local leg of the supply chain here in South Africa being undertaken by FATS, with our team who individually facilitate each stage of the supply chain process.
  • With regard those order that don’t require a Full Container (FCL) as an option, the Consol loads (LCL), a huge benefit being as below
    • With FATS making the Freight booking from the Port of Loading, FATS have control on the co-loader unpack charges through negotiated rates with all the major service providers.
    • Avoiding the un-costed astronomical unpack charges raised when your international supplies books the freight.
  • Your complete aware from your supplies door to yours
    • The Daily Tracking Report being tailored to include all the relevant data regarding your cargo that you require.

In accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure in at FATS, the entire supply chain operation from Door-To-Door will monitored, tracked and a Daily Tracking Report emailed to you every morning.

Ultimately providing you peace of mind with your important cargo to ensure you our client can focus on growing your business while FATS, TAKE THE LOAD OFF YOUR MIND!