Message from our Founder

by | 11 Jun 2020 | Company News

Had you told anyone a year ago that the world would be turned upside down by a virus, they would have laughed at you. Yet here we sit in 2020 with COVID-19 and a world where what was normal is no longer acceptable and what was strange the new normal.

At FATS we have rolled with the punches the virus had to deliver and at no one point stopped ensuring our clients & their cargo are well taken care of. Our team of staff have set up office at home amongst their loved ones from day one of lockdown and have tirelessly been adapting to restrictions as they have continuously changed.

I am exceptionally proud of my team as they have proven to myself, our clients & themselves, that in a world that is being ravaged by a pandemic, with thousands sadly succumbing to it. They, the team of FATS, have stood up, adapted to the new normal, been held accountable and continued to provide to our clients a level of service they have grown accustomed to over the past 28 years.

We believe that a reason for our success through this period is that at FATS we have always tailored our services to meet each individual client requirements, by fully understanding their supply chain. While other organisations have been scrambling to acquire the knowledge, install creativity & create ingenuity to survive this pandemic, we at FATS already had it.

FATS we a brand & an organisation that once you have met you will never forget.

Kind Regards,
Caron Harris