Latest World News: MV Ever Green Wedged In the Suez Canal Starts To Move!

by | 2 Apr 2021 | Uncategorized

The latest: MV Ever Green Wedged In the Suez Canal Starts To Move! We’re sure many of you have heard already, but a super container vessel, The MV Ever Green, which is longer than four football fields, was wedged diagonally across the Suez Canal, causing world supply chains to be on standby and costing the global economy billions.  

The MV Ever Green was refloated on Monday morning and traffic commenced passing through the canal later that day. With many social media, news, articles making the headlines and informing us of the latest throughout the event, this is just another reminder on our reliance on technology with in the maritime and logistics industry and how we all learn to adapt to new changes. 

Always keeping us on our toes and keeping commodities on the move. 

A further reminder how small this world is, and a congestion of this size affected us all.